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Working Together on Project


Jumpstart Innovation within your organisation

InnovationBoost empowers team members to develop an innovative mindset, improve problem-solving skills, collaborate effectively, think creatively, continuously improve their work, and understand and meet the needs of customers, leading to improved overall performance for the organization.

What is InnovationBoost?

  • InnovationBoost, our 12-week design thinking and innovation accelerator program.

  • InnovationBoost Program supports you in solving problems, creating change, and applying the mindset and skills of innovation through design thinking.

  • This program spans the entire journey, from introduction and awareness, to handholding and mentoring in projects, to build a Design-led organization

  • The senior stakeholders of the organization are requested to define and articulate their real business problem or opportunity areas. 

Who is it for?

Leaders and executives eager to develop an organizational culture of innovation built on the solid foundation of creativity, collaboration, and empathy

What will you get?

  • Foster a culture of innovation and creativity within the company, as staff members are encouraged to come up with and develop new ideas

  • Build a common vocabulary on Design Thinking

  • Align stakeholders and leaders towards a single purpose

  • Acquire the mindset and skills to build a corporate culture of innovation

  • Benefit from increased collaboration and teamwork

  • Understand how design projects can be executed in an organization in an agile manner

  • Synthesize what you learn into an actionable insight

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