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A Training Program for Champions

InnovationToWin: A Training for Champions is a three-week program that equips individuals with the skills needed to drive innovation within their organization. Through hands-on workshops, ongoing coaching and guidance, attendees will learn to identify and pursue new opportunities, generate and evaluate creative ideas, and implement innovative solutions. The program focuses on developing empathy, creative problem-solving, critical thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset. The outcome is to have a team of innovation champions within the organization that can drive innovation, improve efficiency and adapt to market changes.

What is the role of Innovation Champion?

  • Work to identify areas within the organization where innovation could have a significant impact, and then prioritize those opportunities based on their potential value.

  • Work to create an environment within the organization that is conducive to innovation, through activities such as training and development programs.

  • Work to help turn innovative ideas into reality by working with teams to develop and test prototypes, secure funding and resources, and implement new processes or technologies

What does InnovationToWin: A training program for champions look like?

  • Three week learning-by-doing program

  • Three hands-on workshops for active learning of new skills and methods

  • Ongoing coaching and guidance between the workshops

  • Teams work on new and tangible solutions to one of your current challenges

What will you get?

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: The training will help organizations stay ahead of the competition and maintain a competitive edge by focusing on driving innovation.

  • Foster a Culture of Innovation: By providing employees with the skills to drive innovation, organizations can create a culture that supports and encourages creative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Drive Long-Term Success: By teaching employees how to identify and pursue new opportunities, generate and evaluate creative ideas, and implement innovative solutions, the training program will help organizations achieve long-term success.

  • Develop the Workforce: Investing in employee training and development will ensure the workforce is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a rapidly changing business landscape.

  • Improve Employee Morale and Engagement: Empowering employees to drive change and innovation will improve employee morale and engagement, leading to increased productivity and employee retention.



We also provide corporate clients with tailored workshops and training programs in design thinking

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