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  • Ravi Kant

Unleash Your Employees' Full Potential

From Kindergarten on, we've been taught to learn with primarily one side of our brain, the left one, where analytical skills, facts, rational thought, and logic are housed.

The same thinking continues in the corporate world, most managers are taught a linear problem-solving methodology i.e. Define the problem, identify various solutions, analyze each, and choose the best one.

it's the right side of the brain that helps us strategize and see the big picture. It's also the place where we get key business and life skills such as intuition, empathy, creative thinking, and Imaginative skills. You may think you already use the right side of your brain. It‘s only 5% of the time, 95% of the time we use only the left side of our brain.

Each one of us is creative, and employees are not able to perform to their full potential because they are not using the right side of their brain.

Big organizations can be the worst offenders, demanding a level of predictability and efficiency that is good for today’s bottom line but bad for tomorrow’s. The pressure to grow is relentless, but the battle is often uninspired.

Design Thinking allows us to combine “right-brained” creative thinking with “left-brained” analytical thinking.

In this day and age where we know we need innovation and, at the same time, we know we need to run our organizations as effectively and efficiently as possible, design thinking offers us a process and a set of tools to bring the best of both worlds into our decision-making process.

A company that incorporates design thinking as a process and an organizational culture is setting itself up for innovation, happy employees, and a healthier bottom line.

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